Texas STREETS Throwback (FREE DVD – 2012 Texas Streets)

Texas STREETS Throwback

You are about to witness three hours of exhilarating action, including 130 street races and some of the CRAZIEST machines in the world battling it out on the street, on the track, at the dyne and at the car show. This year’s TX2K DVD is by far the craziest DVD on the market!

With highlight clips from nearly 60 hours of taped event footage, 1320video will show you ALL of the highlights and the big dog races from this four-day event. See who the UGR Lambo’s picked on this year, how the Supra’s fared against the competition, and drool over some of the ridiculously-fast GT-R’s that came out of the woodwork. Some seriously amazing machines tearing up Houston night and day!

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