INSANE SOUND BMW M3 GT2 E92 || 620HP Screaming 4.5L V8

Here we have Yannick Poinsignon´s Monster used in the French Hillclimb Championship, a BMW M3 E92 Naturally Aspirated Monster with GT2 bodywork powered by one of the greatest V8 units in all of Hillclimb Racing, a S65B44 with 4.5L and producing around 620Hp.

Weighs 1230Kg and features such goodies as 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox by Drenth, Carbon Transmission, and AP Racing brakes. And here we can see it on Max Attack Mode at Col St. Pierre, Abreschviller and Turckheim where it fought for overall Victory among Touring Cars (winning two and placing 4th on the other).

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