JHM Blown V8 Audi S4 Goes 11.91 Stock Bottom End

JBONES in his JHM stage 1 supercharged Audi S4 (B6) V8 broke the stock bottom end record recently. The owner has plans for a nice build over the winter, and I hope we can catch up with him again to see what it will do.

JHM Parts:
Stage 1+ supercharger kit pushing about 7 psi
Version 2 headers with 2.75 inch mid-pipes and non-resonated catback exhaust
Modified intake manifold with port matched spacers
Lightweight flywheel and 5R clutch
All of their shifter parts: custom delrin knob, short throw shifter, solid linkage, delrin stabilizer rod bushing, upgraded cross rod

OEM RS4 front brakes with lightweight front 365 mm rotor rings
Rear BBK

OEM RS4 0A3 transmission and B6 A4 rear diff swap
Wavetrac front and rear limited slip differentials
USP Motorsports metal slave cylinder and SS line conversion with a MA performance clutch delay valve
Killer Chiller setup including the drag valve and water bypass valve
AKmotorsports tubular front subframe
OEM european RS4 seats front and rear

Probably a bunch more suspension and other mods. Otherwise with a stock well maintained engine, Avus wheels, and stock sized 235/40/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. According to the scale at Atco the car weighs 3,790 pounds without me in it.

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