Konstantin Dinev’s AUDI S2 runs 8.574″ | Autokinisimag

Konstantin Dinev's AUDI S2 runs 8.574" | Autokinisimag

Here we got another bad ass Audi, also tuned bu HEED AUTO. The tuner that also tuned the Scirocco with RB26DETT for example! This Audi with the famous 5 cylinder engine ran last weekend a 8 second run at Kondofrey drag challenge on 10th of June 2017.

Watch how this badass Audi launches and runs over the finish line in just 8.574 seconds below and leave a comment!
Setup: Build 2.5L Stroker Engine with Precision 7675 Gen2 Turbo and 4 speed Dog box H patern

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