R35 GT-R Loses control and rams Mercedes CLS in Tunnel

The driver of this Nissan GT-R drove through a tunnel in Singapore at high speed, from the Central Expressway to the Seletar Expressway.

In the video, filmed by a dashcam in a Mercedes-Benz CLS350, we see the GT-R approaching fast, after which the Japanese sports car suddenly loses grip.

Nissan’s rear loses grip, breaks out and it appears the driver corrected a little too much, causing the GT-R to ram to the left wall before crashing into the rear of the Mercedes-Benz. The front and rear of the GT-R are completely gone and the CLS has also suffered a lot of damage.

All occupants were unharmed. The Singapore authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident, but it seems clear that the high speed of the Nissan GT-R played a role.

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