Someone WON this Lancer Evo and CRASHED it almost immediately

WON this Lancer Evo and CRASHED

Does it still count as very lucky if you win a car in a lottery, but then almost immediately crash it? An issue for the philosophers among us. It happened to a guy in England. For a few loose pounds, he bought a lottery ticket for a Lancer Evo IX FQ-320, a special edition sold in the UK. A day later, Welsh police posted photos of a crumpled Evo to Twitter.

Photo (s): South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit

“We are sure he will have lucky miles on the car,” the lottery said on Facebook, not knowing what they claimed the winner. The facts are unknown, except that it was a one-sided accident that happened 2 days after he got the car. Fortunately, the driver got off without serious injuries. Unfortunately, things are not going as well with the Lancer Evo, because both the nose and the bottom are reasonably well constructed.

Adam Griffiths has had to delete his Facebook because he was bombarded with negative comments after the 27-year-old crashed a newly won Mitsubishi Evo IX in Pontypridd


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX FQ-320 produces 330 hp in standard form, but with little effort, much more can be squeezed out of the two-liter. It is not clear exactly how much this copy had, but it was in any case too much for the driver and the road conditions. Hopefully the brand new owner was insured against this kind of misery.

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