This VW CADDY is a 450 BHP **SLEEPER** !

vw caddy tfsi

“Bro we are in a van!” Hahahahahah! Volkswagen Caddy with a TFSI Swapped in to it and a DSG Gearbox from the Edition 30 Golf, makes it one crazy sleeper. This car with the aerodynamics of a brick pulls and goes like a rocket! And it suprises everyone! It has a TTE420 Turbocharger on it which delivers all the air to help it produce 450BHP! Literally everything comes from a MK5 Golf and it cost the owner all about 10K and still doing mods.

Just watch the video below to see the Volkswagen Caddy in action and share this one also with your friends. Don’t forget to leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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