Top 10 HillClimb Monsters || Oberhallau Bergrennen 2019

HillClimb Monsters

In this post we are going to Switzerland to one of the HillClimbs that has some of the best entry lists every year: Oberhallau Bergrennen.

2019 was no different and we ended up with a Top 10 filled with proper Monsters, from Group B machines, to Le Mans Classic Beasts, highly-tuned Evos and quirky things like a proper Opel Speedster…

It has a bit for everyone and featured also a proper fight for the Top Spot, featuring exactly the current fastest Swiss Monsters, which are fighting for the National Title and probably also for the “Fastest Hillclimb Racing Lancer Evolution in Europe” crown… Watch the video, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook!

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