Tuner Boosted Too Much 1395HP BMW M4 Explodes on Dyno

With 510HP and 650Nm of torque, the BMW M4 Competition is quite powerful to say at least. But when you unleash some tuners with the M4’s inline-six, much more becomes possible. The tuning company Maximum PSI increased the power of an M4 Competition to more than 1000HP, but that was not enough for the guys from Maximum PSI.

Last year, Maximum PSI started making adjustments to the M4. For example, the original single turbo was replaced by two Garrett turbos. The new power at the wheels was around 1200HP. This was not enough, so a new transmission, intake manifold, intercooler and nitrous were added to substantially increase power. All other powertrain components were upgraded to handle the new power.

So it was time for #MAXIMUM PSI”. Once again a dyno test and tune was done and power increased. The BMW produced 1305HP and 1379 Nm at the wheels. It was still not enough and so the tuners TUNED the M4 Competition even further.

That turned out to be too much. The dyno results show that the power had risen to 1395HP and 1609Nm at the wheels. During the same test, something explodes and a flame is visible under the car. CARNAGE. I think they found the limit finally.

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