UK DRAG KARTS – Bike Engined INSANE Karts On Nitrous – 

The UK DRAG KARTS were at Santa Pod Raceway for the Fast Show Reloaded. 4 of the crew were there with various engined karts. Honda cbr1000 supercharged running on methanol PB 9.05 142mph Suzuki gsxr1216 on nitrous PB 9.19 141mph Suzuki gsxr1100 on nitrous PB 10.3 122mph Honda cbr600 on nitrous PB 9.9 ???mph

Wayne, in the Silver fronted kart put in several 9 second passes, with a best of 9.25 @ 140mph. Scott in the white fronted kart was running more boost, which resulted in a hole in the no3 piston (possible fuelling issue). Mick in the larger of the red karts ran a new PB with a 10.37 @ 122mph. George in the smaller red kart, was a little bit off his best with a 10.97 @ 119mph. They will all be out next month, looking to knock more time off, and see who can get into the 8’s first.

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