Underground Racing World Record 7 Second Audi R8

Underground Racing sets Audi R8 quarter mile World Record ! Say hello to the World’s first Audi R8 to break the 7 second quarter mile barrier with a record pass of 7.6 @ 196 mph.

This is also the same X Version R8 that ran 244 mph in the standing 1/2 mile. This R8 is a full interior and full weight streetcar weighing in at 3,815 pounds without a driver.

The R8 owned by DRAG965 and piloted by KC Howeth made multiple seven second passes. The record pass was accomplished using drag radial tires but more posts coming soon of runs using full race slicks.

The pass was done using the Underground Racing Billet DCT transmission which is the only true full billet gearbox on the market that includes billet 1st through 7th gear upgrade, billet input and output shafts, billet final drive gears and billet AWD shaft.

The UGR drag race setup uses the very sophisticated JRR M1 MoTeC standalone engine management system that is only available through Underground Racing. The very streetable DCT clutch is a multi plate wet carbon assembly in a billet clutch cage that holds 2,500 horsepower at only 17.5 bar of clutch pressure.

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