VINTAGE MISSILE! 1992 AUDI S2 COUPÉ LCE STAGE 4, 500HP – The iconic turbo spool never gets old!

The Audi S2 Coupe available from 1991-1995, is a gorgeous coupe with the magical 5 cylinder engine. I’m a big fan of these lines myself. Even though the Audi 80 was a bit boxy, it somehow always looked cool. Here we jump into a Laser red example, tuned to around 500 horses by the guys at LCE Performance and their insane Stage 4. These iconic turbo spools is something to enjoy forever!

Car: 1992 Audi S2 Coupé (Stage 4 LCE Performance)
Engine: 2.226L 5cyl Turbo 500hp
Performance 0-100km/h: 3.2 seconds (tested)
Color: Laser red
Weight: 1525kg / 3362 lbs
Full Tuning list:
Freely programmable control unit incl. wideband probe and wiring harness adapter
76mm exhaust system with Y-pipe and sport catalytic converter
Upgrade turbocharger
Sport clutch (LCE clutch 850Nm 2-disc)
Exhaust manifold
Upgrade fuel injectors
Upgrade fuel pump
Upgrade intercooler Sport spark plugs (colder)
Upgrade ignition coils incl. cable set
Fuel pressure regulator
Oilcatch tank incl. dash lines
Oil cooler (9 rows)
Crankshaft sensor
Brake system for 17″ 330mm 996 Turbo

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