VR38 R35 Engine-Swapped R34 GT-R – Erubisu re-born as KNGGTR

Back in 2016 they built a VR38 swapped R34 GT-R for Powercruise, called Erubisu. It’s styling polarised opinion, exactly what Gup from Powercruise wanted, but the engineering side was rather cool. The project was never fully finsihed before it was sold to a new owner and many thought it vanished(including me).

Well, now it’s back and Maatouks Racing have helped the new owner turn it from track car to street car and it is an absolute monster. It hits the streets on 1250hp all day, everyday, with more torque than any RB and even better, it has a sequential transmission!

The next video you can see how it was when it was just finished at the previous owner.

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