VW Golf Mk2 4×4 Turbo Engine //380Hp/11.000Rpm Monster

hayabusa Golf 11000rpm

Franz Probst from Austria built and raced this 2017 season this unique Vw Golf Mk2 powered by a 1170cc Engine using the cylinder head of the Suzuki Hayabusa bike engine and Volkswagen´s KR block.

This makes it possible to fit within the E1-2000 Class regulations as the multiplier for boosted engines is 1.7, therefore making for a total of 1989cc. A Garrett Turbocharger is used to achive impressive numbers of power and torque and this Monster is rated at 380Hp/11.000Rpm, all while moving a car that weighs around 900Kg even though a 4wd transmision is also used.

For its first year of development, it already posted impressive results, fighting for Class victories in most events it entered and showing incredible pace and an amazing soundtrack to boot. Follow us also on Facebook!

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