VW MK7 GTI Shatters MQB World Record 10.11 secs // USP Motorsports

Tyler Aul, a fan turned USP employee is no exception to this. Throughout the years, these guys have shattered almost every barrier in the Volkswagen/Audi world.

Maintaining the fastest VW/Audi in the country + multiple MK4, MK5, MK6, and MK7 platform records. With Tyler Aul in the driver’s seat + APR/USP employees alongside APR Stage 3+ MK7 GTI — they have done it again.

Shattering the 140MPH trap barrier with the same turbo used in all of the APR Stage 3+ EFR kits! The run that proved faithful was against a highly-modified Alpha GTR going 10.11@142.7 MPH (MQB World Record).

Tyler made a series of passes over the weekend in the 10-second range using the ever-capable EFR7163 turbocharger on E90 fuel! Tyler’s vehicle is a VW MK7 GTI with a 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 3 engine and DSG Transmission. Unlike the other record holders in the realm, they have been able to keep power to the ground with the help of Wavetrac Differentials, Black Forest Industries, and a hefty drag setup from BelaK Industries “The EFR7163 has proven to be shockingly capable.

It’s designed for the circuit and daily-driving with excellent transient response, making it a pleasure to drive in all scenarios compared to larger, and laggier turbos often more ideal for drag racing. However, despite the smaller size, it was able to propel the GTI to over 140 MPH in the quarter and clench the record even under less than ideal conditions. Through this exercise, APR’s engineers were able to further identify areas for improvement which may result in exciting new hardware and software solutions for our customers.”

2015 VW GTI MK7,2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 3,DSG Transmission,2,835 Vehicle Weight (With driver and ¾ tank of fuel),570 Horsepower at the Wheels,520 FT-LBS of Torque at the Wheels

APR ECU Upgrade (Development software on E90 fuel),APR EFR7163 Turbocharger System,APR Long Block Engine Build with Motul 300V,APR Ported Head (Prototype design with net result unverified),APR Fueling System (With prototype LPFP),APR Full Intake System (With filter removed and prototype racing inlet),APR Downpipe (With catback removed and prototype racing downturn),APR Intercooler System,APR Boost Hoses,APR TCU Upgrade,APR DSG Clutch Packs,APR Rear Wiper Delete,Wavetrac Differential,BFI Stage 2 Mounts
,spulen Dog Bone Insert,BC Coilovers,Superpro Control Arms and Bushings,Belak Drag Wheels,M/H Drag Slicks,Kirkey 41 Series Drag Seat

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