Worlds Fastest and Quickest All Motor Civic | Faster Motorsports | 8.38 @ 168mph!

Well, this car did not take long at all to take the crown as the Worlds fastest and quickest all motor civic! This car is powered by a JBR Engines K20z1 and is tuned by Omar Crespo on a Fueltech FT 550. It is also using the Quaife Sequential transmission!

The car sounds sooooo good going down the track and its incredible the times that it is putting up on the board! we are talking, this car to the 1/8 mile can give a run to the sfwds! its getting there in 5.5 seconds!!

In less than a month this car has ran a number of record breaking passes! first started with an 8.59, then 8.58, then an 8.54 using a K20 engine combination. After that event, they swapped the engine and put in the k24 engine and blew the record out of the water! 8.38 and picked up another 4 mph making it the worlds quickest and fastest ALL MOTOR civic by running 168 mph!

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