1300HP 4G63 AWD Civic WRECKS Racing Frustrate EG Honda (The Full Story)

Ricardo from rpt Creations had a bad accident like some of you guys know, in his 1995 Honda Civic hatchback. It was 4g63 powered all-wheel drive, named Hondabishi and this build has been going on for about almost four years now.

Unfortunately as you can see he had a tragic accident. Approximately a month and a half ago or so they started this whole North versus the South thing. Someone that you may know of, frustrate Danny. Frustrate has 2 All-wheel Drive Civics actually.

Somewhere along the lines Ricardo’s name got brought up for also having an all-wheel drive Civic. So they were put on a live to try to setup a race between them. So they exchanged conversations and set it up to try to meet halfway to get this race. But that didn’t all end well.

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