VWs Golf R32 Engine Sound Compilation

R32 Turbo VR6 Turbo

The VW R32 Engine, some just LOVE them and some don’t get it why people love these engines. Only thing i can say, these engines are no joke. Since the VR6 VW has made the one of the best engines ever. Officially the plans were at first to build a 6 cylinder Diesel engine but that changed after. They built at first about 4 proto types of VR6 engines., from an engine with 3 camshafts to 24 valves. At the end the 12V VR6 engine was born and in the years after that we hade the 2.8 V6 and the R32/R36 engine.

These engines are one of the best sounding engines on the market and have a hell of a potential to make some serious power!


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