2500HP GTR Takes on 2500HP UGR Lambo – EPIC BATTLE!

rtg ph0052

The Texas Invitational just keeps getting crazier and crazier. With cars making upwards of 2500hp now – you can expect some INSANELY high speeds and incredible new records! This year was one for the books, as Tony Palo and his 2500+hp T1 Race Development GTR took on Ross Fowler’s Underground Racing 2500hp “X Package” Lamborghini Huracan. Both cars are capable of going over 220mph on the short 1500ft racing surface airstrip – so they KNEW they were in for a treat!

A little further info on the final race (simplified version):
– The main issue with roll racing like this is there is absolutely no perfect way of policing or measuring a perfect start, human error triggered a green light on the last race.
– At first the event organizers decided to re-run the final.
– After 45 minutes of discussions about different factors, the event organizers left it up to the racers to decide whether to rerun or not.
– The final decision was that the Lambo take the win.
– We would love to see the re-run one day!

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