4 Cars That Changed Their Company FOREVER!

The Lexus LFA AKA Lexus Fuji Apex has forever Changed Lexus as a company and made the F-sports division a much more prominent focus. While the LFA benefited Lexus in a positive manner, the Diablo truly was a Devil as it made Lamborghini go through one of their darkest periods of their history.

Being used by Chrysler, abused by Megatech, and saved by Audi…we owe it to the trials and tribulations of the Diablo as to why Lamborghini is who they are now. Breaking Nurburgring Records and finally passing Ferrari’s on track…and to think people even TRY to say Lamborghini “isn’t as good as they used to be”.

As good as what? An abused and used sock to a teenager’s hormones? The founder of Lamborghini always dreamed of making a better car than Ferrari…and I’m sure they’re smiling realizing that in Audi’s hands. That dream came true.

The Hyundai Genesis AKA Genesis Genesis has brought forth a Genesis for the Hyundai team by making them realize the Genesis they were going through and the Genesis of Genesis by reading Genesis while making Genesis, but then denouncing Genesis to further improve Genesis and then accepting Genesis as Genesis and making Genesis Genesis become Genesis G90, which then became the first car of Genesis which is now a separate company. Genesis. Sorry, I just wanted to say it one more time.

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