7.0L, 625BHP RUFFIAN Mustang + 580BHP RUFFIAN GT40

Having been obsessed with both Seventies Mustangs and hairy chested Trans-Am racing, Chris Ashton – co-founder/design director of video game company Turtle Rock Studios – wanted to hand-build himself an old school race-car for the road. But with Chris being a keen autocrosser, it had to be functional.

This Mustang runs massive rubber – 315mm for the front and 345mm out back, all wrapped in super sticky Toyo R888R track tyres, which Chris had to hand form three-inch steel fender flares for the bodywork to make them fit. It also runs a carbureted LS427 – GM’s aluminium-blocked 7.0-litre beast, now making 625bhp and around 560ft lb of torque.

Where the Mustang is all analogue techniques and old school knowledge, the GT40 is a different beast. It’s underpinned by modern methodology and contemporary componentry. Unsurprisingly, Chris’ handiwork, dedication and sickening obsession runs throughout the whole car.

Attached to the Ford Racing 52XS V8 engine (putting out 580bhp and 445lb ft) are headers and a handmade octopus equal length exhaust. It’s a majestic Medusa-like plait of metalwork that not only looks stunning but amplifies a classic Americana noise to perfection.

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