Audi S2 Coupe R30 Turbo Acceleration 0-312km/h

Audi S2 Hamon 1200HP

This video features an Audi from hell of Hakan Halis his 1200HP++ Audi S2 R30 Turbo Coupe with R32 engine, filmed during RACE 1000 standing half mile contest in Magdeburg Cochstedt (17.07.2016). It placed second at the class over 1000hp championship with a top speed of 312,15 km/h / 194,00 mph. In one of these videos he even hit 328km/h!

Video shows some loud launching with anti-lag of the Audi from hell including full throttle accelerations 0-300 and high revs. Enjoy it and don’t forget to follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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