Track Race! GR Yaris vs Golf 8 GTI vs BMW 128ti in a hot-lap shootout

The Toyota GR Yaris arrived on the world stage and immediately became a hot topic of conversation.

It soon became apparent that this car really was as good as Toyota claimed it to be, and so market watchers and keyboard warriors started focusing on price; is it really worth it, especially when new cars like the Golf 8 GTI are cheaper?

A comparison we’ve seen often on social media in South Africa has enthusiasts comparing the GR Yaris to the GTI, where we would like to state, quite emphatically, that they are very different cars built for very different purposes.

However, when the opportunity arose to put them head-to-head, along with the new GTI rival in the form BMW 128ti, we couldn’t really turn that down.

And so, following on from our drag race series featuring these cars (links below), we’d like to present to you, our valued audience, a hot-lap shoot out between these three everyday heroes.


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