Fake Velocity Stacks For The C8 Corvette Are A Thing, And They Cost $1500

With the latest ‘C8’ Chevrolet Corvette changing engine position to the middle, the car now proudly displays its V8 under a cover of glass. The only trouble is, as is the case with most modern engines, the view you get is spoiled by a simple plastic cover.

Dull though the ‘Vette’s LT2 push-rod V8 looks from the top, we wouldn’t really call this a good solution. Yes, this is a set of fake velocity stacks designed especially for the C8.

The patent-pending part is the only item in the online shop of Golden Valley, Minnesota-based ‘Custom Cre8ions’. It appears to replace the standard engine cover (good luck fooling people with stacks sitting right on top of the cylinder head), and at the very least, it doesn’t look like it’s made from plastic.

Then again, you’d hope some decent materials have been used since the cover costs $1495! It’s also possible to have the base the trumpets sit on painted in the car’s body colour(optional), although it’s unclear if this costs extra.

If you’d like an anachronistic look for your C8 which will make you look funny and only trick people who know very little about cars (and thus, the sort of folk who won’t care anyway), the company is currently taking $750 deposits. The covers are said to be ready for shipping from February 2021.

Source: Custom Cre8ions via Motor 1

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