2020 MK5 Toyota Supra VS Shelby GT-350 & 6th Gen Camaro SS! STREET RACING!

MK5 Toyota Supra VS Shelby GT-350

A 2020 Supra takes on a new Shelby GT 350 & a 6th Gen Camaro SS in the streets of Mexico! The MK5 Supra tuned by Titan Motorsports 93 octane, had one Passenger, The Shelby GT 350 with Exhaust mods had No passenger.

They did runs from 40 Roll ,45 Roll (to high in 2nd gear for Supra) ,40 Roll. The Camaro SS A8 is Stock had a Passenger and did runs from 40 Roll. Watch and enjoy the runs in the video below, leave a comment and share this one with your friends. Don’t forget to follow us also on Facebook!

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