LSXcalade – 1200HP Twin Turbo Caddilac SUV

1200HP Twin Turbo Caddilac SUV

Starting off as his Dad’s work commuter, Mitchell took a hand-me-down college cruiser and spiced it up with an LS-A blower. While his dad may or may not have noticed a little extra pep behind the peddle, Mitchell sure did as he took the cozy Cadillac and competed at Hot Rod’s “Drag Week” a few years ago!

Obviously Mitchell was bit by the mod bug as we can see here today, this is no average Escalade anymore! Mitchell has taken the years since and re-worked this meticulous monster inside and out to create a seriously impressive SUV! As many racers know, just buying the right parts doesn’t mean it’s all going to work right away and that’s the step Mitchell is working through now as he is working out the bugs and trying to get himself into the 9’s! Watch the video, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook!

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