Mitsubishi Evo 1291WHP – “The Family Sedan”

Mitsubishi Evo 1291WHP

AG Autosports Evo aka “The Family Sedan” put down 1291whp making it the worlds highest horsepower Mitsubishi Evolution. We were lucky enough to go for a ride along straight off the dyno to see what this BEAST could do on the street.

Evo Mods list:
Precision Turbo 7685 Gen2 turbo
AG 2.0L wet block. with GRP aluminum rods.
AG Competiton cyl head with Ferrea valves, Supertec valve springs, Kigley HLA regulator and custom AG spec race camsafts.

Driven Innovation intake manifold modded for 8 FIC 2150 injectors
Full blown 70mm throttle body.
AG forward facing large frame(Gt42+) turbo kit.
Custom twin scroll T4 turbo manifold.
TiAl 44mm wastegate.

Custom 4 inch down pipe.
Buschur Racing 4.5 race FMIC
TiAl 50mm BOV.
Weldon 2345 fuel pump & FPR.
AG spec 5 speed transmission.

Modded Exedy triple clutck kit.
AG spec transfer case.
AG Aluminum Drive shaft
M&W Ignition
Crispeed Tuned Haltech ECU Elite 2500 Evo 8 kit.
E98 Ethanol.

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