New Toyota GR Corolla – better than the GR Yaris?!

Introducing the all-new Toyota GR Corolla!

It’s the second Toyota to be given the GR treatment (following in the footsteps of the GR Yaris) and it could be one of the most impressive, important hot hatches to be released this year! So let’s take a closer look…

Let’s be clear from the start – the GR Corolla looks great! Just like the Yaris it’s got a massive square grille upfront and some additional intakes at each side. The meaty body kit comes with even bigger flared wheel arches than what you find on the Yaris, and it comes with a massive wing, too!

In terms of power, the GR Corolla more than packs a punch. It comes with the same 1.6-litre turbocharged 3 cylinder you get in the GR Yaris, but the output has been increased even further, putting down 300hp & 370Nm!! That’s 116hp more powerful than the next-most-powerful Corolla.

All sounds pretty impressive, right? The question is, will it be worth the price? Toyota hasn’t revealed the cost yet, but we’re expecting it to cost around £40,000+… About the same as a Golf R!

00:00 Intro
00:19 Exterior Design
01:46 Engine
02:48 Interior
03:33 Four-wheel Drive
04:09 Gearbox
04:29 Carbon Fibre
05:06 Performance
06:06 Chassis
06:40 Suspension
07:02 Price & Release

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