Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Speedwagon 1-of-1

Nissan skyline R33 GT-R Speedwagon

We have never seen this one before till we stumbled upon this one today. A Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Speedwagon.

This Speedwagon is a 1 of 1 vehicle built by Daijiro Inada (Option magazine/video founder) and his team. The car was initially built for a number of reasons. It was intended to be featured in a video game (Option tuning car battle spec-R for Playstation 1).

It was also built to compete in the 300kmph speed challenge as well as being Demo cars for both Option and Volk in Tokyo Auto Salon multiple times. If you have seen any pictures on the internet from years back about a R33 wagon, this is it.

The car was originally painted blue, and then it toured Japan again with its now two tone color scheme.

At this moment it’s at the guys from @suprlife and with the help of @inboundmotorsports and his taste for acquiring some super rare vehicles, they now have the opportunity to restore this historic vehicle. Together, they will work on making their own version to tour the USA!

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