Tuned BMW M3 E30 on Track! – EPIC Intake Sound | Mic in Engine Bay + Exhaust!

This video is about a street-legal BMW M3 E30 that has been modified over the years to make it as closer as possible to a Group A E30, featuring a track-focused setup, weight-reduction, modified exhaust, carbon airbox and many other mods to the engine including the increased displacement of 2.5-litre (from the original 2.3-litre S14 engine).

Youtuber Bozzy has placed one Gopro on the front bumper and one on the rear, plus a microphone inside the engine bay, and that’s the result! Pump up the volume and listen that epic intake sound! #MattyB727 #BMW #E30
0:12 Warm Up
2:25 Lap 1
4:40 Lap 2
6:55 Lap 3
– Event: Adria Raceway Track Day

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