Volvo V50 T5 TURBO Acceleration 0-200 SOUND

500+HP Volvo V50 T5 TURBO doing some runs during the 1/2 Mile drag race event 'RACE 1000' in Germany. Tuned by Projekt R. Engine built by VPerformance with Darton Sleeves and Wiseco forged pistons, bigger Turbo - K16 Hybrid Turbo - TTE500. Volvo V50 drives against some other cars,

The “Loaded Taco” | Turbo 2JZ Tacoma

After being featured on 1320Video a few times, it was about time this Tiny, Turbo Toyota was properly named! Taking into consideration the number impressive accomplishments that have come from this little package pickup, it was easy for Fred to land on the “Loaded Taco”. Loaded with boost, power, and