10 Current JDM Bargains

Japanesr cars are very popular and loved all over the world. Movies and games like Need for Speed and Fast and Furious made these cars even more famous and desired. The thing is because of that these cars are getting more and more expensive over the years. In the video below

600HP Mercedes-AMG C63s vs 570HP Ferrari 458 Italia

During the SCC500 Rolling50 1000 this Mercedes-AMG C63S Estate with Akrapovic Exhaust by PP Performance was also there. It raced against a Ferrari 458 Italia, Ford Focus RS MK3 and GLC43 AMG! I hope you enjoy the video. BEST VMAX AFTER 1000 METERS Ferrari 458 Italia: 259.92 km/h Mercedes-AMG C63s Estate: 248.30 km/h Mercedes-AMG