Nurburgring BEST OF- WINS, DRIFTS & Fails Nordschleife Touristenfahrten


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Wrecks, Wheelies, & CLOSE CALLS!

WILD Wheelies, CRAZY Wrecks, and every CLOSE CALL in between has been crammed into this video to bring some of the most INSANE moments of 1320Video! As crazy as some of these wrecks were, everyone was thankfully able to walk away from each and everyone of them. We hate seeing

Crash Romain Grosjean 29 November 2020 Formula 1

Crash Romain Grosjean

A dramatic and scary start to the Bahrain Grand Prix. Thankfully Romain Grosjean walked away from this collision and fire. Haas have tweeted that Romain has minor burns on his hands and ankles, and has been transported to hospital for further medical evaluation. For the guys who haven't seen the crash

A Tesla Model S Lost Its Roof In China

Tesla Model S lost its roof on a Chinese road last November 22 and that was filmed by a dashcam in a car traveling behind it. Tesla was fast to reply to the Weibo thread saying the roof had been repaired by an authorized third-party body shop and that it