Nitrous Nova Crashes During streetrace


In this video we have a nitrous assisted Nova that entered the h town conquer the concrete street race in Mcalister, Oklahoma. The nitrous assisted Nova entered the small tire class which he was doing well in. But, the sun was setting and the temps were dropping. That means more

Car Crash Compilation & Driving Fails 2020 August 

This is a car crash compilation of August 2020. This also features clips such as bad drivers, rear ended, and driving fails. This video can be utilized as a learning tool of how to obey traffic laws, road safety procedures, and driving conditions. This video can also educate yourself about

On FIRE at 150MPH with NO BRAKES!

This was, without a doubt, the scariest moment of Kyle's life. He was trapped in this 1100HP Audi RS3 for over 3 minutes while it was being consumed by fire. The entire time they had no brakes or any other way of stopping because the race ended around 150mph as

10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures!

Space launch is the earliest part of a flight that reaches space. Space launch involves liftoff, when a rocket or other space launch vehicle leaves the ground, floating ship or midair aircraft at the start of a flight. Liftoff is of two main types: rocket launch (the current conventional method),

EPIC Save – Racers ALMOST Collide!

New setups have a tendency to get crazy, and thankfully crazy was a near miss and nothing worse. The “Shop Truck” is a sleek little truck with HUGE bed mounted turbo’s which bodly state that this truck hauls a**! The owner’s 2nd pass out in the trucks new setup won’t

R35 GT-R Loses control and rams Mercedes CLS in Tunnel

The driver of this Nissan GT-R drove through a tunnel in Singapore at high speed, from the Central Expressway to the Seletar Expressway. In the video, filmed by a dashcam in a Mercedes-Benz CLS350, we see the GT-R approaching fast, after which the Japanese sports car suddenly loses grip. Nissan's rear