These Are The 17 Safest Cars You Can Buy Today!

Safety is among the top priorities of most car shoppers. Of course, price, features, visual appeal, performance, and reliability are all important when shopping for a new car (and important in U.S. News Best Cars rankings). But if it’s not going to keep you and your family safe, that’s a

Top 5 Crash Tests Fifth Gear

Craziest crash tests

Over the past years Fifth Gear has had some legendary Crash Tests over the years, so they've put together a selection of their favourites! These crash tests are awesome but also shocking to see! Watch the video below and leave a comment or share this one with your friends. (adsbygoogle

McLaren 720S crashes into Audi R8 while doing Launch

Mclaren 720s crashes into Audi R8

According the video information the teenager driving the McLaren 720S wanted to show off by doing a launch with this 720S. He switched the traction control off and did a launch but that didn't end well. He crashed hard into the Audi R8 because of a lack of skills. (adsbygoogle