He walked away from THIS?

California is always a nice change from our home in Nebraska, and not just because of the weather. California always has unique builds and everyone there loves to throw down! Boddie’s No Excuses event was what we were hoping for! Unfortunately the track had to shut down hardly into the

Supercar Crashes & Fails 2019

OMG! That's the only description you could place above such a video! These guys were unlucky or were unskilled! These Crashes and Fails could have been prevented in most cases if they just thought about their acts. Watch the video below to see the Supercar Crashes and Fails of 2019 and

Fighter jet crashes into California warehouse

The military is investigating the crash of a fighter jet into a Southern California warehouse. Slow motion dashcam video captured the F-16 as it slammed into the building in Riverside. The plane punctured the roof as workers were busy inside. David Begnaud reports. Thankfully no one was injured. https://youtu.be/jBiQGtG6vhs (adsbygoogle

Tesla investigates Explosion of Model S in China

Tesla Model S Explosion

Tesla is adamant that its cars are significantly less likely to catch fire than your average car, as Reuters reports, but that still hasn’t kept a surveillance video from spreading worldwide, showing a Tesla Model S bursting into flame and all but disappearing, Spinal Tap-style, in a parking garage reportedly