Honda S2000 Wrecked At Repair Shop Makes Us Cry

This S2000 went in for a new clutch, but now it needs a lot more! Nobody wants to see their car damaged at a repair shop. That’s where cars go to get better, not worse! It’s especially tough when the vehicle in question has some measure of enthusiast DNA, but a Honda

Top 10 Launch Fails – Racing Gone Wrong

Ready set FAIL! Amazing racing takeoff fails. Racers launching vehicles with very bad results,Starting line breakdowns. Drag races gone wrong because of Too much horsepower or launching too hard. Hilarious drag racing reaction. How not to launch. Launch in reverse and more. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({

TOYOTA SUPRA FAILS & CRASHES (drifting, racing, wrecks)

Toyota Supra Crashes Fails

The Best drift Crashes and Fails of Toyota Supra, epic funny compilation ( WINS too). Lots of wrecks and crashes, engines blow up etc and some idiot drivers. Watch the video of these Supras below and leave a comment or share this onenwith your friends. Follow us also on Facebook!

Seat Leon Big Crash – Circuit Zandvoort

seat leon heavy crash zandvoort

As someone who has driven on this circuit i watch these crashes asking myself, did these guys actually study the circuit before going on it? This big crash happend during a trackday at Circuit Zandvoort. The driver lost control at Scheivlak corner, and crashed heavily into the inside tyre barriers. The