1650HP R35 GT-R vs 1600HP Audi R8 // THIS vs THAT Down Under

Precision Racing showed OUT today, bringing TWO builds on cars from different continents drag racing on our no-prep Australian airstrip. George’s Audi R8 usually runs 2khp (in no small part thanks to his twin 76mm turbskis), but even with his thicccc Mickey Thompson tire package he can’t put it all down.

It’s 5.2L V10’s been tuned down to a slightly less insane 1600hp… we think. Precision has a tendency to overdeliver, as Joe’s Nissan R35 “JeeDeeAhh” proves. Its PR16 package is only supposed to make 1600 horses but they managed to squeeze 1650 out of a V6! Torque control, twin turbos… this’ll be a wild one.

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