Man builds 1000-volt anti-theft system in bus!

1000-volt anti-theft system in bus!

An electrician from England is more than tired of thieves constantly picking tools from his van. The thieves were already stealing things worth more than 5,400 euros.

As soon as someone opens the door of the bus when that is not allowed, the intruder receives a shock of 1,000 volts and the 120 decibel alarm starts to sound. The electric shock is not deadly, but you do get a hefty shock. The UK police checked the bus and declared the system completely legal.

“This solves my problems and I can now sleep peacefully,” says the owner of the bus. The smart businessman now sells the 1,000-volt anti-theft system for around 414 euros. All you have to do to make the system legal in the UK is stick a warning on the bus. Watch the video below, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook!

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