400HP Turbo Volkswagen Beetle – Crazy blue. Crazy fast!

Turbo Volkswagen Beetle

Starting with a bare shell of a 1969 VW Beetle, Louis Cloete and his father spent the next decade building a monster Bug. Using a Volkswagen Type 4 air-cooled engine stroked to 2.7 litres and with turbocharging, they have ended up with this crazy blue 400hp (nearly 300kW) Volkswagen Beetle. Louis and his dad have a lot of racing in their blood. Louis’s dad was a racing driver and Louis is a hands-on car builder.

While much of an original Beetle remains in this fantastic, Frankensteinian creation, Louis and his dad have reworked every component and every part of the car to ensure that the power gets to the road and that the car brakes and handles well. It uses components mainly from the Volkswagen group, including Porsche parts as well as more modern Volkswagen parts. For Louis the fun part of owning a Beetle like this is not only in the drive (and smoking modern hot hatches) but it’s also about the quality time spent with his family in creating it in the first place.Just watch the video below to see and share this one also with your friends. Don’t forget to follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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