BMW Issues Recall For Toyota Supra Over Braking Concerns

The new Supra might wear a Toyota badge, but when it comes to important stuff like recalls, it’s the manufacturer, BMW, that has to step in.

If you’re familiar with the origins of the new Toyota Supra, you’ll know the car is a joint venture between BMW and Toyota. It’s built on the same base BMW Z4 underneath, built alongside the two-seat roadster by Austrian firm Magna Steyer using nothing but BMW parts. So when things like recalls have to be issued, it’s not Toyota that makes the announcement, it’s BMW. This was bound to happen eventually.

BMW North America issued a recall on August 2 for just over 50,000 cars, 13,014 of which were Toyota Supras built between February 2019 and June 2021. The problem? According to the NHTSA’s official campaign, engine management software could cause the loss of braking assist at startup. That means drivers won’t have any power assistance when they hit the brake pedal, making it a lot harder to bring the car to a stop.

In addition to the Supra, the recall in question also affects certain 2020 M340i, M340i xDrive, 540i, 540i xDrive, X3 M40i, 2020-2021 X4 M40i, 745Le xDrive, and 2019-2021 Z4 M40i vehicles. Owners of affected vehicles will be able to take their cars to the dealership to have their software updated free of charge.

If you think your car may be among the affected vehicles, you can head on over to the NHTSA’s dedicated recall site and run your VIN to check. Letters notifying owners are expected to be mailed on October 1.

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