This E36 BMW is Low, Wide and has a 1000HP!

We have already talked about Khyzyl Saleem, a concept designer who makes amazing digital renders of cars. These renders were so popular with the public that Khyzyl decided to bring renders to life under the name ‘Live to Offend’, or LTO for short.

LTO’s first product was a body kit for the BMW E30. We are now a few years further and LTO has presented their second body kit, for the BMW E36 3-series coupe.

The LTO E36 kit widens the track by 90mm at the front and at the rear by 135mm. The complete kit consists of a new front bumper with splitter, rear bumper, side skirts, over fenders, air intakes, rear wing and diffuser. Certain elements of the LTO E36 kit can be produced in CFRP and the total cost of the body kit is approximately $7,500.

Buying the kit is one thing, assembling it is a much bigger challenge and that’s what AMS Autoworks did for owner Nelson. Fortunately, it’s not just all show because the S50 3.0-liter six-in-line has also been taken care of. A large turbocharger has been installed and with the turbo pressure turned up considerably, the rear wheels get to endure 1000HP!

In the video below, photographer Larry Chen goes through all the details of this LTO BMW E36. Quickly scroll down to find out everything about this build.

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