1000HP Toyota Supra vs AMG GT S vs Chevrolet Camaro

1000HP Supra 2JZ Turbo

During the SCC500 Deutsche Meisterschaft Rolling50 1000 on airfield Zweibrucken in Germany, the guys from Gumbal filmed this stunning 990HP+ Toyota Supra Turbo in action on the dragstrip!

Best VMax with rolling 50 km/h start after 1000m:
990HP Toyota Supra – best Vmax: 296.21 km/h
458HP Dodge Challenger SRT8 – best VMax: 227.71 km/h
600HP Mercedes-AMG GT S – best Vmax: 255.40 km/h
600HP Chevrolet Camaro – best Vmax: 246.78 km/h

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