Toyota Supra 2JZ Turbo Acceleration 1/2 Mile 294KM/H

Toyota Supra MK4 with big turbo from hell. This Toyota Supra 2jz was modified by Ms-Performance and it’s producing 1000HP. At the SCC500 motorsport event these guys were able to take impressive onboard recordings. Unfortunately, the Supra 2JZ only drove in a medium boost level and they couldn’t fully experience the 1000hp.

The Toyota Supra 2JZ Turbo should have around 800hp in the half mile runs (4th gear 2,2 bar and 5th gear 2,5bar). That was enough for a top speed of 294 km/h. The car has a lot of potential and in terms of performance there is still room for improvement. It could become one of the fastest cars in the RWD class with over 1000HP in Germany.

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