This Twin Engine Pickup Has 500HP PER ENGINE!

Paul Robinson's Vauxhall Astra Pickup has not one but two Saab 2.3L engines making 500hp+ per engine! The engines are both stock internals with tubular manifolds, HX40/HX35 11cm Turbos, a twin charge cooler system and X3 AEM Fuel Pumps. Both engines are bolted up to stock F23 gearboxes with open

BMW M3 Touring vs M340i: DRAG RACE

It's time for a BMW Touring showdown! We've got an F81 M3 Touring going head-to-head with the new BMW M340i xDrive Touring! Now we know what you BMW fanboys will be saying - BMW never made an F81 M3 Touring. And you're right, they didn't... So what you're seeing here

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