The Perfect Street Evo?! – 800HP Evo IX

Is there a perfect balance between Street and "Race" for a Mitsubishi Evolution? That is a controversial topic among auto enthusiasts, but we think we found the "perfect" Evo for the street and strip. Built by AG Autosports this evo maintains a 2.0L engine, running a Precision 6466 turbo, PPG

Best Underrated JDM Cars

Here are the Japanese cars that are better than you may think or you just don`t know them because of their small popularity which is sometimes caused by the fact they werent sold that much! Some of these JDM cars are awesome and a pleasure to own and drive! Watch the

Mercedes-Benz AMG History Explained | 1967 – 2018

Mercedes-Benz has always been a little different even during the companies early years a visit to the race track would make this obvious. Mercedes-Benzs legendary silver arrows made racing history. Many Mercedes engineers shared the enthousiasm for racing, two in particular. Watch this interesting video about the history of AMG below and