Brake Checks Gone Wrong & Road Rage,Instant Karma

Brake Checks Gone Wrong & Road Rage,Instant Karma in this video! Some of these guys are incredibly dumb! What were they even thinking? Brake checking a truck for example!? Watch the video below, leave a comment and share this one with your friends. Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

Ferrari F40 lost in Flames in Monaco

Enzo Ferrari would have been 122 years old today and ... a legendary F40 is burning in Monaco! 1 million euro's up in smoke. Earlier today, a Ferrari F40 caught fire in the streets of Monaco. We do not know the cause of the fire, but based on the videos, the

BMW M8 Competition VS BMW M5 Competition

It’s time for a BMW fanboy showdown! The all-new BMW M8 Competition arrives on the start line with 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that can produce 625hp and 750Nm of torque! As for the M5 Competition, it arrives with… exactly the same powertrain! So does the slightly lighter M5 have what it

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